Money Slots: Play for Real Money, Win and Have Fun



Have you ever played so-called slots for money? Or are you one of those who still believe that playing money slots is a too risky thing and you would never go for it? In any case, here, we have collected some information about money slots and have chosen the best options for you to play.

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How to Choose Money Slot Machines to Play

If you are playing for fun, gambling experience still matters, however, if you are playing slot money, reliability and safety become crucial factors. Thus, make sure you are going to make a deposit in a reliable trusted gambling services provider.

For that, check the casino where you are going to gamble:

  • It shall be licensed;
  • Games shall have a certification;
  • Payment options shall be convenient and legit;
  • Customer support is something that must be there.

The best slots real money are usually offered not as money slot machines only. Normally, real money slots are at the same time free money slots, too. A reliable and confident in its services casino always offers a free play opportunity to test the available offers. Use it before making any real money deposits and bets.

This is a great opportunity to make sure the money slot machines on a particular website are something you would like to take advantage from. 

Only once you have made everything is fine and you like everything, deposit some bucks and play all the available money slot machine games that you like. Only if everything worked out, make a bigger deposit and enjoy the game as you like. 


Why Shall One Play Real Money Slot Machine Games?

You might be wondering why you shall play real slot money. We want to make the things clear: we don`t insist that you shall or shall not do something. This is your choice only. But there are some reasons to choose slot machine apps real money. 

Gambling has been popular for some millenia. Real money gambling allows getting the adrenalin inflow that cannot be felt when playing for fun. This is one of the benefits and the attractions of real money gambling over gambling for fun. And actually, this is one of the biggest drawbacks, too, because this feeling is something that causes gambling addiction.

The second advantage is actually the opportunity to win. Some players manage to win just a couple of dollars while for others, some millions are a common win. This is one more feature that makes games for free completely different from money slot machine games. 

What happens though if you are playing free games? Are there no winnings? Of course, you can win. This is gambling in the very end. Though you game virtual money only. You cannot cash it out and cannot use it otherwise than for the game. And what if you win a jackpot? It is sad but this will be virtual money only. 


The Best Places to Play for Real Money

Once more, to play paid or free money slot machines, you need to choose a good provider. We can recommend you some options where you find the best offers.



This is a young provider, it is just three years old. But still, it has managed to establish a very positive and constant reputation among both competitors and punters from all the countries. The Curacao license allows the provider accepting punters from the majority of countries. England is though not accepted, the needed permission is missing. But players from Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and many other countries are welcomed and provided the best conditions for every country. 

Promotion offers are impressive here, too. There are two welcome bonus offers. The one is for 100%, and the other is for 50%. Free spins are offered to every money bonus. 

Along the way, you will find a lot of special offers, cashback offers, money bonuses, and whatever a player might want to get during the game. 

All the rest of requirements are completely compliant with the best practices of gambling. And of course, here, you will find just any games for free and real money.


Avalon II

Here, you can gamble one of the hits in the collection of Microgaming: Avalon II. The slot is inviting the bravest punters on a trip to look for the Holy Graal and find a lot of hidden treasures on the way. Eight bonus games will bring you to your target. And meanwhile, you can just enjoy gambling on this 5 reels and 243 paylines slot filled with incredible sound effects, graphics, features, and all the attributes typical to Microgaming. 


Ruby Fortune

This is one more provider that deserves attention. Ruby Fortune offers a welcome deposit of 750 USD only which might be not the top offer but the conditions are so amazing that nobody can resist it. Moreover, on the way, you will meet plenty of bonuses, offers, and just nice signs of attention that the casino is always happy to offer. Daily bonuses, weekly and monthly promotion offers, an attractive loyalty program – all those you will find there. A no deposit code 2021 is still not available though, but we believe that there are enough bonuses for everybody.

This provider has been in operation since 2003, thus, as you can imagine, it is a good one, otherwise, it would not have survived for so long. 

There are real gems to play for real money. We believe none player shall miss it. There, you will find any plots and themes, thus, a nice journey into the virtual gambling world is guaranteed, too. 


Break da Bank

This is the best place to play the Break da Bank slot. There, you will meet all the symbols related to the bank life. And of course, you can try to break the bank. There are just 3 reels and 5 paylines, but this simplicity is deceptive when it comes to the winnings. This is a Microgaming slot, thus, as you can guess, it is about good wins.


Jackpot City Casino

This is one more nice and safe place to gamble for real money. Here, you can find one of the so-called million maker slots, such as Meg aMoolah. Yep, this casino has Microgaming slots, and it tells already a lot about the prizes that you can win there: millions of dollars, and they are paid out immediately. 

The welcome bonus is 1,600 USD which is impressive. As if these 1,600 USD were not enough, many other bonuses you will find there. 

The casino offers an amazing no download mobile version. There, you can get all the offers and benefits that you would have enjoyed on your desktop version.

Even though the enterprise does not offer any bonus codes, you can check for them on some third-party websites. There are usually a lot of them. 


Thunderstruck II

Here, one of the most famous games is Thunderstruck II. This is a gem indeed, released by Microgaming almost 10 years back. There are 5 reels and 243 permanent paylines waiting for those who love good gambling and good money.

There, punters meet Nordic gods that can bring plenty of money if the player is lucky enough.


How to Win in Real Money Slots: Tips for Punters

There are a lot of strategies that promise you constant winnings in all types of slots. Thus, we could not leave this topic without attention. 

Remember please once and forever: there are no winning strategies when it comes to slots. Promo codes might help you to get more money but not to win. All the slots have results generated by the RNG. It means that all the results are random. They cannot be forecasted or adjusted in one or another way. Thus, there are no ways to influence them. On the contrary, following blindly a so-called strategy might bring you to a disaster. 

However, we do not say that there are no ways to increase your winning chances. There are options to consider and if you want to lower the gambling-connected risks, consider them.

Check what slot machine pays out the most money. Every reliable casino has its games certified by an independent lab. And all those labs provide an estimated RTP for every game. Normally, you can find those values either online or on the website of the casino itself. Thus, check which game from your favorite collection is the most generous. A higher RTP means higher winning chances. 

Consider one more detail. A high RTP shall be still reasonable. For instance, an RTP of 94% is already considered rather low while an RTP of 96% is already ok. Some scammers insist that they offer games with RTP of 100% and higher. Just think how reasonable it is. Well, some games still have the RPT of 100% but there might be a couple of them in a casino. The RTP of more than 100% is simply impossible. It is a clear indicator that the casino is nothing more but a scammer.

One more important detail to pay attention to is the bonuses, any types of them. Those might be money, cashbacks, free spins or whatever. We would say the following: even if you aren`t planning to wager the bonus, request it if it doesn`t bother. This money will help you to test a game or even several of them more profoundly while not risking with your own funds. The same can be advised regarding free spins or whatever else perks you can get from a casino. Even if you don`t profit from them in a monetary regard, they might be priceless to gain experience and not spend too much.


Is It Possible to Win Real Money Slots?

There are a lot of examples when people were winning, thus, why not you? You shall remember though simple rules that will prevent you from a disaster. Even though winnings are possible, but the losses are possible, too. Thus, to be always on the safe side, make sure you follow some more tips.

Always play for fun, not for earnings even though you might be playing for real money. Only then, the game will bring joy and you will not become overstressed.

Never ever try to deposit and bet on the money that is not yours or on which your family depends. If you win, of course, you might consider yourself lucky. If you lose, you lose more than just some money. You lose trust in you. Moreover, playing on something that you cannot afford to lose is the first but reliable sign of gambling addiction. 

Make pauses. For that, it is convenient to setup a particular time when you play. Some people also setup limits for deposit sums, betting sums, and even for wins. As soon as you reach the limit, that`s it, no excuses accepted. Stop the game. 


Final Thoughts

Now, when you know all ins and outs of gambling for real money, you can choose the best provider for you, the best games, and try your luck. If you adhere to all the rules and follow all the tips, we believe that somewhen, you will get your wins. The main thing is to find your provider.