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LuckyStar Casino is one of the most reputable online gambling services providers in the niche. This casino holds the license of one of the most reputable watchdogs and thus, its compliance with the main requirements regarding safety, players protection, and similar, is out of question.

The LuckyStar Casino is licensed by the Curacao government. Thus, this means the compliance with the following requirements and the following guarantees to the players.

The casino is financially stable. The presence of such a regulator means a lot in the financial regard. The company has money to apply for and to support all the auditing and renewal procedures. Thus, you can be absolutely confident that your money will not suddenly disappear from your account. Financial stability means a lot for such type of establishment.

The firm is able to provide punters with such a guarantee as the participation in a special foundation aimed to provide some financial guarantees in the case when the casino collapses. The company deposits a particular % from all the deposited sums to a special foundation. From there, unlucky pointers get compensations of their provider is not fine and cannot complete its financial obligations.

The viable customer support is a must to get a license from Curacao. Of course, LuckyStar has it. Further in our review, we will tell some more words about them as they definitely deserve it.

Payment options are convenient, the transfers are safe and fast. Everybody can find something suitable and cheap. LuckyStar takes care to provide the most customized payment options. All depends on the country from which you are accessing the services of course. For example, the selection of payment variants in England might differ significantly from the one in New Zealand, and in Australia, e-wallets might be forbidden at all.

The games selection is not huge but all the offers are carefully selected to ensure the top-choice.


LuckyStar Games

The games variation is big but not excessive. If you are looking for a provider with thousands of the most varied games, Lucky Star Casino is definitely not for you. However, if your priority is the games quality, not quantity, this is just the right casino for you.

The rules here is NetEnt, the majority of gamblign options are provided by it. Lucky Star Casino understands though that just having one developer in the offer is not sufficient. That`s why those who love other prominent developers such as Microgaming, BetSoft, GameArt, Explosive, and several more. Here, you can gamble more than 100 games, all of them are the real masterpieces.


Lucky Star Casino Slots

Here, among 1000 games developed by real leaders in the niche, you can find out that the majority of them are slots. Here, you can find everything that even the most experienced and exigent player might ever wish:

  • 3-reel slots for those who love good old classics. They are the best to have some rets and fun after the long and stressful working day. There are no complex stories or plots, no especially difficult rules. Just spin the reels and watch how symbols on them are building winning combinations. If there is no winning combination, try once more in the hope that the next time, it will be better.
  • 5-reel slots that are becoming the classics of any online gambling company. They are distinguished by nice themes and the most varied plots. While playing, you can meet there your favorite characters, even participate in the most exciting adventures in your preferred movie or cartoon. And what about thousands of possible winning combinations and ways to win? Multipliers, bonus games and rounds, and many more interesting things are waiting for you there.
  • Slots with progressive jackpots are there because Microgaming is there. Of course, you might be wondering whether there are progressive slots offered by other providers, too. Of course, there are, and many of them are represented on However, Microgaming slots have already gained a special popularity due to the possibility to win millions of dollars. Especially popular is Mega Moolah. Needless to mention about those millions that are always ready for a punter lucky enough to hit the main jackpot. But not all the players know that this game has not one but four jackpots. All the rest are though not so big as the main Mega jackpot. One of the definite benefits of this developer is that its jackpots are paid out on the first request of the punter.


Lucky Star Casino Table Games

Here, you cannot count on the huge variety of table games. However, you can count on their top quality. They have been chosen to be played and bring joy, not just to be around to impress by the quantity.

Thus, table games and other games. There are a lot of them. There are so many of them that specialty games are separated into a separate section.

Thus, one by one, the main players in the space of any online casino lobby are:

  • Roulette, you will find a lot of roulette options there. Pick up your favorite, we are sure you will find your option. Classics, such as European, American, French, are there without any doubt. Some special options are available, such as Crystal Roulette, for instance. Consider also that you can choose the same variant offered by different developers which is also something nice.
  • Blackjack is also richly represented. Its variation is not as wide as the one of roulette but still, the number of options is decent. Thus, Casino LuckyStar is suitable for blackjack fans, too.
  • Baccarat is normally poorly represented even in the casinos with the richest choice of games. Thus, this is the specific feature of the game. There are not many variations, but they all are in the Casino LuckyStar.
  • Poker can be found on, and there are a lot of the most amazing versions of this popular game. We shall admit that in no review we have read about such a variety. Thus, this time, is an absolutely correct choice doesn`t matter what you like playing.


Live LuckyStar

A live casino is one of the indicators that the provider is serious, reliable, and takes care of the experience of its punters. On, you can find several live sections, ok, we better call them several live casinos. Would you like to know what are they? Ok, here they are:

  • Betgames live – there, you can place a bet on… any betgame. Live dealers are trained to keep the excitement and to make you enjoy every your bet;
  • Ezugi live casino offers live baccarat, blackjack, roulette. If you like this provider, you can not search further. Pick a game and have fun!
  • Live Casino by NetEnt offers top-quality experience with blackjack and roulette. These games are definitely worth a try. NetEnt is known for its top-quality developments and amazing unusual plots;
  • Asia Gaming with Asian Live Dealers for those who either love Asia or live there. You can feel the smell of that great part of the Earth, to enjoy the look of it, the live dealers will make sure you feel as if you have visited there;
  • Vivo live casino offers here the standard live games: roulette, baccarat, and the popular blackjack versions;
  • There is no live casino without Evolution Gaming. LuckyStar looks like a fan of it. From the huge variety of Evolution Gaming live games, all are available. Every game is separated in a different lobby, thus, you can imagine the variety of options. Even game shows, Salon Prive, and Dragon Tiger are there and yes, each of them has a different lobby.

The live LuckyStar is something amazing indeed, we have not seen something that can be compared to such an offer and such an arrangement of games. We are sure that every developer feels and is treated like a king and therefore, it is happy to provide the most innovative, the best options to this amazing casino. From this section, we can tell one: Luckystar knows not only how to treat the customers but it knows how to treat its partners, too. Maybe that`s why it has such an immense variety of games, and not a single one is of average quality.

There is though one detail for you to know about live casino. While all the games can be played for free, the live games do not support the free play function. You need to sign up and to login to play. Moreover, a bet for real money is a must.


LuckyStar on Mobile Devices

LuckyStar is an amazing provider, for now, it has shown itself as one of the best options available online. Thus, you can expect something similar from its mobile version, too.

The provider has started its operations in 2016, thus, it is very young. It means that the website was already developed with the application of the newest technologies. And when you try the website from any mobile device, you will understand that even in this regard, didn`t compromise anything.

The most advanced HTML5 technology perfectly adjusts the website and its functionality to any modern mobile device. You might be surprised to see that the functionality on your mobile device might be different from the desktop version. However, this is normal. The website adjusts to the functionality of your device to provide you with the most positive experience ever.

The games are available in their majority, even those with live dealers. The main thing is that your smartphone supports the live streaming technology that is needed to be able to play in a live casino.

Of course, no download is needed neither for a desktop nor for any of mobile phones. Though for those players who still stick to older technologies, Luckystar still offers a download version for the standard choice: Android and iOS. Thus, you can either download the software and gamble or you can login to your account from any device and enjoy all the perks available there, no download is required. Payments, Deposits, and Withdrawal

Payment options are different in different countries. For instance, a selection of withdrawal and depositing methods differs completely in Canada and Australia, due to some specifics and limitations in the legislation of both countries. Luckystar makes sure that all the players from all the eligible countries have the most convenient options to fund their accounts and to cashout any winnings in any sums.

We will list the main, the most common options, consider please that not all of them can be used in your location.

  • Bank cards, Visa and Mastercard, are accepted. Check though whether Visa allows receiving withdrawals in your location. While in some countries it is permitted, in others, this function might be blocked.
  • Bank accounts, in every location;
  • E-wallets, in the majority of countries. Make sure though that a particular wallet is available there where you live. Otherwise, choose a different option;
  • Bitcoin: yes, this is one of those cryptocurrency casinos that make the life of all the punters easier and safer. Make sure though that cryptocurrency is legit in your country, and if yes, there is no problem in choosing it as one of your payment options;
  • Prepaid cards in specific locations: simply put, prepaid cards are used there where they are available.

Those players who want to be sure that their data is protected in the best way, the following information will be valuable. The website uses one of the best SSL certificates to take care of the safety of all your data. It means that all the information, when you are providing it online on, immediately gets encrypted and only after that, it is sent to the destination. Even if somebody steals any data, it will be some string of some symbols, absolutely unusable for any purposes.

Yes, we understand that many reliable providers, well, all the reliable providers use such a software. But it is never odd to highlight it to make you feel convenient when you need to provide sensitive data for any purposes.


Customer Support

LuckyStar pays special attention to its customer support team. As soon as you open the website, you get a welcoming message from a specialist with a friendly invitation to ask whatever you might need to know. This is something amazing. You don`t feel forced to contact them but instead, this welcoming gesture shows that you are a wished guest on their site even though you might be not registered yet.

A mail is available, too, and it is indicated in an easy-to-see part on the site. We have tested it, and the impression is the same as from the live chat: welcoming non-intrusive communication, a willingness to solve whatever problem you might have, and whatever else good can be told about such a type of service.


LuckyStar Bonus and Promotion Offers

Here, you can already expect something extraordinary. We understand you, after all the information provided previously, you cannot believe that bonuses will be just in the form of ordinary offers.

And how right you are! The bonuses are extraordinary, and everything starts with the incredible, just breathtaking welcome bonus.


LuckyStar Welcome Bonus

Here, as soon as you deposit the first funds, you qualify for a 275% match bonus up to 1,000 USD, or Euro, or whatever you are playing in. It sounds pretty good but this is not everything yet. Luckystar follows a good old tradition to give a nice no deposit bonus in addition to the cash. What about 150 free spins? Wait though, this is a real no deposit bonus. You even don`t have to wager it! Now, even this extremely generous offer sounds much better, doesn`t it?

Note please that this welcome offer is divided into three parts. You can either claim every part or just the first one or whatever you prefer. It makes wagering this offer easier. By the way, the wagering is just 25x which is low indeed compared to other offers from other providers.


Reload Bonus

Every day, you can get a 20% reload funds, up to the incredible 200 USD. This is a very generous offer but for LuckyStar, it seems to be still not sufficient. On top of it, you get a no deposit and no wagering 40 free spins. The number of free spins is very good, and the conditions are even better.


Bitcoin Offers

If you deposit in crypto, you get a separate welcome bonus, 125% from the sum. Free spins are not offered, but instead, LuckyStar is willing to pamper bitcoin users with a nice reload bonus. Thus, the more bitcoins you invest, the more rewards you get.


Weekly Offers from LuckyStar

Every week, every player is eligible for a 50% reload bonus, up to 250 USD. Free spins have already become a tradition, thus, you get 50 free spins more, no wagering is involved. A reload bonus is always a good thing, but no wagering free spins, and moreover, in such a number, are always something exceptional.


Cashback on the First Deposit

This is the case for those players who don`t want any bonuses with the first deposit and, probably, further on. This is a cashback offer, and you don`t need to do anything to get it, just make the deposit.


Other Options

There are so many offers, just for all cases of life, that we got simply confused with everything. No, the offers and conditions are described properly, but there are too many of them indeed. Thus, if you wish at some point that contacting the customer support to ask for some clarifications, just do it. They know the issues and they will explain everything very properly.


Bonus Codes and Promo Codes

To ensure you are choosing the right stuff, the casino offers special bonus codes. Promo codes are available, too. Just immediately when you open the website, you see the promo codes and available bonus codes  in the chat window.

Of course, you can remove them whenever you want but we admit that it is very convenient. You are invited to choose or to reject any offer just by selecting the needed promo codes. Do you want no deposit free spins? We are sorry but the no deposit code is the only thing that is not available here. Thus, make a deposit and get those free spins as a nice attachment to the main, the cash bonus.


Final Thoughts

LuckyStar for sure deserves the name of a lucky star for some punters at least. Who knows maybe this is your case, too?

Many games are waiting for you there, just click to start playing. Don`t forget to make a deposit if you count on a huge jackpot. With something like Mega Moolah, you even will forget about all those no deposit code offers.

What about the games? There are many of them, just choose any that you like. Do you love playing live games on a mobile device? No problem, all of them are available. J7ust pick one and enjoy. Consider though that your smartphone shall be able to support some technologies if you want to enjoy the next experience.

By the way, some words about no deposit code and other interesting promo codes: they are available, plenty of them on third parties websites. Just pick one that you like. Though, we shall be open with you: with such amazing offers and bonuses, you can get there your best no deposit bonus 2021 even without looking for something else.

Thus, what about trying your luck in this casino 2021? Yes, we haven`t made a mistake, we believe that this casino deserves this title. Have you still not found the no deposit bonus 2021? Don`t be upset, there are many of them waiting for you. All is safe, the casino customer support is friendly and ready to solve just anything for you, and the website design is just amazing. Your luck is waiting for you there! 5 stars out of 5 (ok, if we could give 10 stars, we would do it for sure) go to LuckyStar.